Ok, with so much plastic around which is non recyclable (about 91% of all plastic produced is either too contaminated or difficult to recycle) and with about 300 million tons of plastic produced every year – we have a problem, a big problem.

While Houston may not be able to help with this problem, a small(ish) company out of the North Palo Alto called BioCellection might be on to something.

The problem with most plastic is that its made up of long and complex polymer chains which are hard to deconstruct. BioCellection’s has a secret catalyst which is able to break down raw plastic taking it back to a virgin state. Once a virgin it can be purified and reformed into the products we know.

Credit: BioCellection

BioCellection has gone beyond proof of concept and has a trial going on with the City of San Jose. The eyes of the world should be on this innovative solution and we’ll be keeping everything crossed that it can scale. In the meantime, we salute you.