It’s a video that resonated with us all: a turtle with a single-use straw lodged in its nostril and needing it to be removed. A harrowing watch and a reminder of how marine life is being affected by the huge amounts of plastic waste making its way to the ocean.

For one London-based startup, this image inspired them to create a way to prevent this from happening to more marine life around the world.

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Meet Shlurple, the alternative to single-use plastic straws.

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According to its website, “Shlurple was born from a engrained love of the sea…watching a turtle cry in pain as a single-use straw is being removed from its nostril was enough for us to want to make a change. We hunted high and low and saw the inroads reusable straws are making around the globe.”

Priced at £12.24, the average hourly wage in the UK, Shlurple’s collapsible straw offers consumers an alternative to using a single-use plastic straw. With a number of colours to choose from, Shlurple has also created a toolbox of renewable cutlery that can be used on the move. You can view more details here.

Shlurple’s mission is to not only provide a convenient, reusable alternative to the straw but to help make a real difference: a percentage of profits will be donated towards cleaning oceans, beaches, rivers and woodlands across the globe.

We’re really excited about Shlurple. We’ll be following them closely so stay tuned.