We love reporting on companies that are creating new ways to tackle the plastic crisis facing us all across the globe. In the case of Edinburgh-based Choose Water, this is no different.

Choose Water has created a 100% plastic-free bottle, made from recycled paper. Pretty cool, right? Each bottle is biodegradable and disintegrates within three weeks. The patent-pending tech behind Choose Water features a waterproof lining inside the bottle to ensure water liquid can be held within. Everything used to build Choose Water is sustainable and non-toxic – and when submerged in water the bottle will disintegrate. Even the steel cap will disintegrate within a year.

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Choose Water aims to launch by the end of Q1 2019

Scheduled to launch by the end of Q1 2019, Choose Water also aims to provide clean water for areas across the globe that need it most. 100% of Choose Water’s profits is donated to Water for Africa, a charity that creates water solutions in Africa.

After a successful crowdfunding campaign last May, Choose Water has since secured investment from Sky Ocean Ventures, a Sky-led programme focussed on startups looking to address the amount of plastic waste finding its way to the world’s oceans. We reported on Sky Ocean Ventures recent partnership with the UK government here.

We look forward to trying out Choose Water later this year.