Build walls, design furniture and create decorative artworks with plastic bottles!

Across the world, people are designing and building items from Ecobricks. But, what are they, how do you make them and what can be done with them?

Ecobricks are so simple to create that they can be made by everyone. Build furniture, walls and great decorative designs to brighten gardens, playgrounds and more. Across the world, more people are collecting empty plastic bottles and clean plastic waste. It’s their way of saving the environment.

What is an Ecobrick?

Across the world, there are several official Ecobrick organisations. The official Global Ecobricks Alliancewas set up to help organisations share their experiences with Ecobricks.

An Ecobrick is a reusable building block that is created by packing used clean and dry plastic packaging into a plastic bottle. You can pack the bottle with other used items of plastic, such as crisp packets, labels and straws. Consider creating coloured versions, by only packing one colour plastic into clear bottles, or maybe green packing into a green plastic bottle. Once the bottle is so densely packed it becomes an Ecobrick.

What can you do with an Ecobrick?

Many groups across the globe will collect your Ecobricks and put them to use. Several groups even send them to other countries to help create an alternative, eco-housing. However, closer to home why not speak with your local conservation groups, nurseries and kindergartens. Creating Ecobricks is an activity that children can get involved with too. But it’s great fun to design and create something for yourself. There are lots of ideas on the internet to take inspiration from.

Large structures such as homes and walls have been built using Ecobricks. But they’re equally fantastic for building raised flower beds, playground items and artistic features. The possibilities are limitless, all you need is time, dedication and imagination.

Saving the planet, one Ecobrick at a time.

Ecobricks are just one way we can help to save the planet through reusing plastic. We’re all aware of the damage plastic bottle and plastic waste is doing to our marine life and environment. We all need to do something to play our part in saving what Mother Nature gave us. Ecobricks keep plastic bottles out of the oceans and waterways and give us something to be proud of. Do your bit today, start making Ecobricks.