Welcome to Plastic Generation, a news site highlighting the damage caused to our world by plastic and importantly, the steps being undertaken by some to change things.

We started this site out of pure guilt and the need to do something. Plastic is everywhere, if we wanted to go plastic free we simply couldn’t. It’s in our clothes, our seas, our cosmetics, our transport, our homes and it’s firmly embedded in our food chain. Most people we speak to proudly declare their plastic stance pointing to their recycling efforts, it makes them feel good and ticks a box for them. The reality is though that most (91%) of plastic is too contaminated to recycle, so it’s either incinerated or chucked in landfill.

Surely we can and should do more, the legacy we are leaving is not a good one.

Plastic Generation is about discovery and understanding, we’ll try and educate ourselves, call out the bad guys and highlight the good ones.

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