Do you believe that brands are doing enough to make their products and services greener? Is it because they’re telling you they are or are they actually ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’?

Ever heard of the phrase ‘greenwashing’? 

According to the definition Greenwashing is the act of creating a false or misleading claim about the environmental benefits of a product, service, technology, or company practice.

Simply said, greenwashing can make a business to appear being more environmentally friendly than it is. It can also include green marketing that promotes the perception of products, a company, or environmentally friendly intentions.

Greenwashing is also when a company enhances positive social and environmental news, either by lying, manipulating, or twisting the real information.

Here, Kirt McGhee of BeyondGreen talks about educating the world on greenwashing and how its organisation is creating products that are truly green.

In a market flooded with ‘greenwashed’ plastics, Beyond Green is a trusted alternative and backed by International certifications and organizations that support our goal. We have no EPI, OXO-degradable, PE, PLA or PHA in our products. We are 100% proven USDA bio-based and natural OK to HOME compost. Ask us and we can prove it all, no problem. Ask others and watch them greenwash the facts to make a profit. For us, it is larger than profit, it is about the future of our planet and our children that inhabit it. We MUST educate the people on plastics, bio-plastics and greenwashing. Just because there is a sticker, wording or a symbol on a product doesn’t make it legitimate. We must inform people what to ask for and assure that the products are truly what they claim to be and backed by certifications. We have already endured enough damage to our planet for profit, time for people to know how to assure we do not ever do this again.

The world is looking very closely into our pollution crisis seriously and while businesses and manufacturers work on alternatives, government organizations work on placing bans on single use plastic product. Beyond Green is one business that is ahead of the curve and with the properly timed movement, Beyond Green has the opportunity to become a leader in sustainable product manufacturing and production.

Let’s Go Beyond Green And Redefine Plastics!’

The ban on plastics is an amazing step but what is missing in the statute is the definition of ALL sustainable alternatives to single use plastics. Right now, it is cloth or paper bags as the alternative. We all were told plastic was invented to save the trees and minimize paper use. Clearly, paper is not an alternative as we need our trees to breathe and repair our planet. To redefine plastic alternatives, we are taking our patented formulation to legislators and lobbying for new language written into the statute that clearly defines bio-plastics and the minimum requirements needed to meet this standard. We truly believe our patented formulation will be the new standard to meet for replacement of all single use plastics.

We’re on a mission!

Here at Beyond Green Innovations, our mission is to prevent single-use plastic pollution by providing products which are an alternative to plastics while reducing the current global single-use plastic pollution by working with non-profits to help fund plastic pollution clean up movements.  Beyond Green is more than just a product, it is a movement focused on educating consumers on the effects that single-use plastics have on the environment.

Beyond Green has been leading the way for 2 years now in innovative sustainable material technology in efforts to aide in the movement on reducing single-use plastic pollution on the world. With product made in the USA, Beyond Green provides consumers with quality-controlled compostable plastics. The difference is our products are made with natural, renewable material and packaged in recyclable material. Beyond Green’s patented plant-based blend promotes minimized pollution and supports sustainable development goals. This allows our organic non-GMO material to naturally breakdown in the environment and serves as food to be consumed by micro-organisms supporting a circular lifecycle which works in harmony with the environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how companies are ‘greenwashing’ contact Kirt at BeyondGreen, or if you’d like to share your story with us click the submit article button – we’d love to hear from you!