The Plastic Challenge, initiated by the Marine Conservation Society, involves giving up single-use plastics for a single month. In addition, it raises money which goes towards further plastic free initiatives.

It may seem extremely difficult considering how many pieces of plastic we use per day, however, the challenge has demonstrated how resourceful people can be when they need to be.

Can you go plastic-free for a month?

If you think you can, then join the challenge.

The Marine Conservation Society is making July 2019 the month for its plastic-free challenge. Just click here to find out more and sign up for the challenge. Every member that joins receives a plastic-free living starter pack. In addition, on the site, there are lots of hints and tips to follow.

Simon Reeves, TV presenter and author supports the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge and states, “Our planet is being poisoned by plastic. The vast amount in our oceans has become an environmental emergency as a direct result of our throwaway society. That’s why I’m supporting the Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Challenge. Don’t just get depressed about plastic – stop using it!”

#GoPlasticFree this July.

There are several other organisations promoting Plastic Free July, so take a look around and sign up for one that suits you.

If you want to start making a difference this Summer, then what a great place to start.