Global brand LEGO is inspiring parents and kids to pass on their unwanted LEGO bricks. LEGO Replay enables LEGO lovers in the US and Canada to box up and return old or unused LEGO bricks. Once cleaned, they’re distributed to participating children’s charities to enable more children to play, learn and be inspired by LEGO.

LEGO claims that 97% of LEGO users either keep or pass on their bricks already so it’s clear that LEGO users are responsible users, however, the company aims to have 100% of its bricks replayed with or recycled. “We know people don’t throw away their LEGO bricks,” said Tim Brooks, Vice President, Environmental Responsibility at the LEGO Group. “The vast majority hand them down to their children or grandchildren. But others have asked us for a safe way to dispose of or to donate their bricks. With Replay, they have an easy option that’s both sustainable and socially impactful.”

According to the website, LEGO Replay wants to inspire LEGO brick owners to pass along the bricks they aren’t using. Play has the power to change children’s lives. When children play, they learn how to problem-solve, collaborate and think creatively. With LEGO Replay bricks have a new creative life with kids who need it most.

Since its initial BETA launch in 2019, the LEGO Replay scheme has received 11,545 boxes of LEGO bricks equating to a whopping 136Kg of bricks. These bricks are now in the imaginative hands of over 42,350 children thanks to LEGO Replays partnership with several charities.

Replay is available to LEGO lovers in the US and Canada, with more countries coming onboard soon.

LEGO sustainability promise

LEGO has a mission to make all core LEGO products from sustainable materials by 2030. To help this it has launched Plants from Plants which creates LEGO bricks from sugarcane.

In addition, LEGO state’s that by 2025 all LEGO packaging will be made from renewable or recycled materials – no more single use plastic.