They’ll even take your old ones back, recycle them and give you a free meal.

Popular fast-food chain Burger King has vowed to remove all plastic toys from its kid’s meals following a petition from two schoolgirls. Ella and Caitlin McEwan are on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic that’s given away with kids meals.

Ella and Caitlin gathered more than 400,000 signatures. In response to them, McDonalds said its customers would be able to choose between a toy and a fruit. However, Burger King has said it will remove plastic toys completely! YAY!!!

A spokesperson for McDonalds said, ‘Over the next six months our Happy Meal promotions will include a mix of board games, books and soft toys. This will see an almost 60% reduction in the number of plastic toys given away compared to the first half of the year.’

Burger King takes the crown and goes into Meltdown

Burger King launches Meltdown campaign to recycle old plastic toys

The food chain made popular by the ‘Have it your way’ slogan has also agreed to recycle any old plastic toys via its ‘Meltdown’ campaign. Donated toys will be exchanged for a free Junior meal*. On donation, toys will be sent to a plastic recycling point where they will be melted down and given a new lease of life.

Burger King believes the Meltdown campaign will save an estimated 320 tonnes of single use plastic every year.

In partnership with Pentatonic, all toys donated to the Meltdown will be transformed into play areas for selected stores and special trays encouraging play across Burger King restaurants. This means they are not only eradicating single-use plastic toys from its business, but it is also replacing any new plastics that would have been purchased for the trays & play areas.

It’s about time other fast-food chains took action too, aswell as magazine publishers etc who also put waste plastic toys on the covers of their kid’s magazines.

*when a main adult meal is also purchased