UK based Walker Logistics has eliminated the use of plastic-based void-fill materials in over 90 per cent of the orders it processes at its 250,000 sq ft fulfilment facility in Lambourn Woodlands, Berkshire.

Environmentally friendly alternatives such as recycled and shredded cardboard are replacing commonly used materials such as bubble wrap, air-filled protective cushions and polystyrene chips. By recycling its clients’ own in-bound transit packaging, Walker Logistics is directly producing the alternative packaging onsite. In addition, the company has reduced its packaging footprint by 5%, helping keep supply chain costs down at the same time as aiding the environment.

Keeping waste out of landfill

Walker Logistics estimates that 6.5 tonnes per month, of packaging waste, was prevented from going to landfill. That equates to 78 tonnes over a year.

William Walker, sales director at Walker Logistics said, “By turning inbound transit packaging waste into protective void-fill material that we use to protect outgoing orders, we are not only reusing waste products but also avoiding other less environmentally-friendly forms of transit packaging.

“For online retailers striking a balance between the need to protect products in transit with environmental responsibility is essential.”

In addition, he added that the introduction of new packaging materials and packing methods had allowed the company to accelerate its pick, pack and dispatch operations and achieve a saving of two-and-half hours in the time it takes to process a thousand orders.