NOHBO plastic-free shampoo drops puts an end to unnecessary plastic bottles

When Benjamin Stern was 14 years old, he wanted to rid the world of plastic bottles. He began thinking about ways he could produce shampoo in a plastic-free format. Taking his inspiration from detergent pods, in February 2016, Ben took his idea for shampoo pods to television and put himself and his grandmother in front of the US’s Shark Tank team.

Although only a high school student, Bens presentation and desire to clean up this planet one bottle at a time saw him receive three offers from the panel of investors. The end result, Ben made a deal with billionaire Mark Cuban — $100,000 for 25 percent equity.

NOHBO plastic free shampoo

Following the Shark Tank investment, NOHBO quickly released its soluble shampoo balls. These single use products dissolved instantly and lathered incredibly. A single ball could shampoo any length of hair. However, NOHBO didn’t just want to eliminate shampoo plastic bottle, but all personal care plastic bottles. They wanted to continue with Ben’s original vision of eliminating waste and reducing the cost we pay for eco-friendly personal care products.

NOHBO Drop Line extends post shampoo

After extensive research and development, NOHBO announced its Drop Line range of products in 2018. They claim to be the world’s first single-use, water-soluble Drop for personal care products. NOHBO Drops are comprised of two parts; An outer film made of the most advanced up-and-coming water-soluble technology, alongside a moisturising base comprised of shampoo, conditioner, body wash or shaving cream. Each Drop dissolves in approx 4 seconds under water. The complete range of four Drops will be available in Spring 2019, with the shampoo drop already being available to purchase online now. International shipping also available.

NOHBO plastic-free shampoo drops
NOHBO Drops Plastic-Free Personal Care Products

US Hotels show support for NOHBO

In recent news, NOHBO Drops will also be available for commercial use to hotels through American Hotel Register (AHR) company, the USA’s largest supplier of hotel products.

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