UK members magazine arrives in potato starch packing

Members of the UK’s National Trust are receiving their first newsletter and magazine of 2019 in an eco-friendly wrapper. Made from potato starch, the Trust’s is doing its part to phase out of single-use plastics.

Potato starch wrappers are fully compostable and should be disposed of with food or garden waste.

Officially made from BIOPLAST® 300 the wrapper is made from waste potatoes left out of the food chain from Eastern and Northern Europe. These potatoes are processed to release the starch and manufactured into granules – which in turn can be used to create wrappers and other biodegradable products.

Giving back to the earth

The wrapper itself does very well in prompting you to dispose of it with your garden waste and NOT in your standard or plastic recycling. Reminding you that this is a biodegradable wrapper rather than a recyclable one.

The National Trusts campaign to eradicate single-use plastic includes a commitment to:

  • Ensuring its shops are free of single-use plastic by 2022. 
  • Removing all single-use plastic bottles from its cafés by 2022.
  • Investigating the alternatives for single-use plastics in its plant nurseries and plant sales areas.

To read more about the National Trust’s commitment and what it’s already achieved visit