In partnership with the Marine Conservation Society, British bed manufacturer Silentnight is producing an eco-friendly mattress made of recycled plastic bottles.

Through technology and manufacturing advances, Silentnight can produce sustainable new mattresses that are saving the planet. Each of the new mattresses uses Eco Comfort fibres™ made from 150 plastic bottles. Each bottle is crushed and spun into a fibre that forms a breathable and sustainable comfort layer. The mattress is then made and is available in a variety of sizes to suit. Silentnight is the first UK company to create such a product.

Are you saving the planet as you sleep?

Steve Freeman, Managing Director of Silentnight, said: “Programmes such as Blue Planet show us the true cost plastic waste has on the environment. Footage of marine life living amongst plastic waste is extremely hard-hitting and difficult to watch.

“The world needs to change the way it deals with waste, at Silentnight we are committed to doing our bit.”

The Carbon Neutral company say customers are snapping up the beds and are literally saving the planet in their sleep.

Eco Comfort Mattress from Silentnight is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Silentnight started producing its Eco-Comfort mattresses back in 2014. Since then it claims it has prevented 110 million plastic bottles from entering the world’s oceans and landfill.

The story of Silentnights eco-friendly mattress and how the mattresses are made was recently shown on ITV’s Made in Britain programme. You can watch this again via the ITV Hub.