Brought to you by Plastic Oceans

  1. Stop using plastic straws – In the US and UK over 550million thrown away every day!
  2. Drink beverages from reusable bottles or mugs – Worldwide, over 500 Billion plastic bottles used every year!
  3. Take your shopping home in reusable bags, not plastic – Worldwide, up to 1 Trillion plastic bags discarded every year!
  4. Use cloth nappies instead of disposable ones – In the US, 27.4 Billion disposables thrown away every year!
  5. Ditch the disposable razor – In the US, over 2 Billion thrown away every year!
  6. Give up chewing gum – It’s made of synthetic rubber which is a plastic. Worldwide, over 100,000 tonnes discarded every year!
  7. Get the plastic off your face – Over 300,000 plastic beads in a tube of face wash!
  8. Start using bamboo toothbrushes – In the US, over 1 Billion plastic toothbrushes discarded every year!
  9. Stop smoking – In 2018, over 2.4 Million cigarette filters found on international coastal cleanup day!