After quite a bit of testing, down in South Africa and UAE the aptly named WasteShark has made its maiden commercial appearance in the UK. The WasteShark (a type of marine Drone) hoovers up plastics and other waste from mariners.

Its shape and name is inspired by one of nature’s most efficient marine harvesters, the whale shark. Impressively this autonomous sucking supremo can remove 1kg (2.3lb) of waste per minute and lasts for eight hours on one charge.

The WasteShark can be seen in the UK’s Ilfracombe harbour, in Devon, tasked with sucking up plastic ( as well as micro plastics, oils, duckweed and algae) waste and other floating harbour nasties.

WasteShark isn’t just a water born rubbish hoover it can also monitor the pH levels, temperature, conductivity and depth of water feeding data back to central dashboard. It is controlled either remotely or by a pre-plotted route.