Why does toothpaste come in plastic tubes? What exactly are we putting in our bodies when we brush our teeth?

When Lindsay McCormick asked herself these two simple questions, she never knew it would be the start of her own totally new ‘green’ business.

But that’s what set her mind to action and resulted in the business of Bite: Toothpaste Bits. A toothpaste pill which comes in a recyclable glass bottle and does away with annoying and planet harming toothpaste tubes and ‘not good for you’ ingredients.

Lindsay developed a small pill that you simply bite into and chew – which instantly becomes foamy like regular toothpaste. According to the Bite website:

  • More than 1 billion plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year, with harsh chemical residues
  • Every year, more than 50 Empire State Buildings worth of toothpaste tubes end up in landfills or oceans.

In addition, it claims that:

  • More than 100 million animals suffer and die in the U.S. every year in cruel chemical, drug, food, and cosmetics tests

Lindsay decided that all this was not good enough. If she could ‘end plastic waste one healthy smile at a time’ it would be worth it.

The Bite team not only believed that creating a tubeless toothpaste would help, but also that the harmful ingredients needed changing. So, after plenty of research, the bite pills also vow to give you a healthier smile without the chemicals.

Eco-friendly and refillable

Each small bottle of pills comes in eco-friendly packaging, meaning the company can claim that there’s no plastic ever in their products. In addition, through an online subscription service, the Bite team will send you pill refills, so you don’t have to regularly throw away your glass bottle. Refills also come in a marine safe, biodegradable package. prolonging the longevity of your toothpaste.

Lindsay says “One billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year which is enough to fill the Empire State building, 50 times in one year! We want to end that and push the oral care industry in a more sustainable direction”

“It’s really inspiring to me how much people are waking up and how much they care. Our daily habits matter and the small changes we make together can add up to something big.”

Combine tubeless toothpaste with bamboo brushes and you’re already making a huge difference to the planet, our wildlife and marine life.