Wine drinkers in Scotland can soon get their hands on their favourite bottle of wine and help marine life at the same time, thanks to a plastic-free range of wine from new brand Sea Change. Entirely plastic-free, Sea Change plans to launch in Scotland in the coming months.

The entire range has been designed with minimal packaging in a bid to protect marine life from the scourge of plastic pollution. Labels are made of 15 per cent recycled grape waste, corks from plant-based polymers and there or no capsule covers.

In addition, for every bottle sold cash will be donated to charities specialising in the protection of marine life and addressing the issue of plastic waste. At launch, donations will be made to two environmental charities – Sea-Changers and Plastic Oceans UK.

sea change wine
Plastic-free wine range Sea Change comes to Scotland

The new range has been created by a family run company that sells more than ten million bottles of wine globally. So why the move to plastic-free?

In an interview with The Scotsman, Toby Hancock, co-founder and director of 10 International, said: “The problem of plastic pollution is something the wine trade needs to wake up to. Now we are all reading about it on a daily basis. Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of totally unrecyclable plastic capsules are being taken off bottles of wine and discarded. It’s good that Scottish drinkers can make a conscious choice to drink wine and not add to the plastic pollution.”

The wines include a negroamaro and a chardonnay from the Puglia region of southern Italy.