Tourists visiting Bali will soon have to pay a $10 tax which has been planned to address the issue of plastic waste on the island. According to the Bali Environment Agency, 3,500 tonnes of rubbish is being generated per day.

In a report by the Jakarta Post, this new bylaw has been drafted and will now be debated on. The tax will be used across a number of initiatives that will help to preserve the environment and Balinese culture. Plastic waste is causing major issues, polluting popular beaches and surrounding waters.

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Bali to introduce a tourist tax to address plastic pollution

Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster said “Tourists will understand. They will be happy to pay it as it will be used to strengthen our environment and culture.”

Nearly 5.7 million visitors in 2017 visited Bali and these numbers grow year on year.

The tax will only apply to international tourists and not domestic visitors. In initial plans, tourists may be charged the fee at airports or have it added to the price of flight tickets.