For the first time ever, global drinks brand Coca-Cola has admitted the company produces three million tonnes of plastic packaging per year.

The data was shared with plastic campaigner Ellen MacArthur, who runs The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and shows Coca Cola produces the equivalent to 200,000 bottles a minute. Until now, Coca Cola had refused to release data relating to their plastic packaging processes.

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Coca-Cola is one of 31 companies including Mars, Nestlé, and Danone, who have revealed how much plastic packaging they create. However, the rest haven’t released data publicly.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation released a statement:

“The decision by more than 30 companies to publicly disclose their annual plastic packaging volumes in the report is an important step towards greater transparency,” the foundation said. We applaud the companies that are publishing this data and encourage all companies that make and use plastics to disclose their plastics footprint.”