UK supermarket chain Iceland will trial plastic-free produce, with the aim of eliminating plastic completely from its own-brand products by 2023.

The trial will launch at the frozen food giant’s Food Warehouse concept store, one of the larger stores opened by the company, in North Liverpool. The package-free, own-brand products will be priced lower than the plastic-covered counterparts.

Sustainable options will be offered in place of plastic for loose fruit and vegetables, such as paper bags, cotton and cellulose nets, compostable punnets, and reusable, plant-based elastic bands to bundle produce like celery and green onions.

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Commitment made by Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland

As part of Iceland’s #TooCoolForPlastic campaign, the retailer states:

“We have set out our aim to remove plastic packaging from our own label range completely by 2023. This work has already begun. Our Mumbai Street Co and Mexicana street food meal ranges are in paper-based trays, saving 850 tonnes of non-recyclable black plastic so far. In the counter above we will monitor our progress in real time as we deliver against our plan.”

According to Iceland’s research, UK consumers believe that supermarkets need to be more socially responsible. The retailer aims to meet consumer demand by becoming the first mainstream supermarket in the world to make its own-brand ranges plastic-free.

“We all have a part to play in tackling the issue and Iceland is constantly looking for ways to reduce its own plastic footprint, as we work towards our commitment,” said Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland in an interview with LiveKindly. “We are looking forward to seeing how our customers respond to the trial and taking forward learnings to inform the rest of our journey.”

In Janaury, Iceland announced shoppers had earned themselves $37,000 by recycling bottles in-store.